Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The World According to Iyyar

Things That Are Good To Put In My Mouth

1. Toys, any
2. Pluggies, preferably Barak's old ones but the ones Imma bought just for me will do in a pinch
3. Imma's necklace (and it doesn't matter when she drops it under her sweater, I KNOW IT'S IN THERE SOMEWHERE)
4. Socks (sooo tasty)
5. Shoes, mine and Barak's
6. Plastic bags (one of these days she'll let me taste one)
7. Yarn (if only she'd let me get to that big basket of pretty scraps... I'd better learn to crawl)
8. Bibs
9. Anything Imma or Barak is holding too close to me
10. The obvious [if I write the word "breast" on this blog Abba will get embarassed. Oops.]

Things That Are Not Good To Put In My Mouth, Or That Are Fine To Have In There But Only Temporarily

1. Rice cereal
2. Bananas
3. Avocados
4. Baby food of any description
5. Anything at all that is coming toward me on a spoon.


Miriam said...

Well, Dr. Spock insists blueberry pie makes a good first food. (His advice was written before the paranoid days of single foods introduced one at a time... and there are allergists out there who think the single food approach is giving our kids allergies instead of preventing them.)

So I wouldn't necessarily go straight to pie, but if he won't eat from a spoon, don't give him a spoon. (grin) I'm sure you could figure out a way to make him biscuits out of pureed leftover rice or something.

I did enjoy his list, though. Sounds completely within the range of normal to me.

On a side note, a friend of mine had a baby who wouldn't take a spoon at all still at 9mo... she had very bad reflux but apparently no one managed to notice until then, since she would nurse and wasn't especially spitty. Still has sensory issues, but not so much, and she got past the not liking a spoon thing. She's 6 now, eats everything.

AidelMaidel said...

The RSS feed is no longer working...I will actually *have to remember* to check this blog. He sounds like a normal baby... Have you tried soup chicken pureed in the food processor?

uberimma said...

No--my food processor is parve. I have an immersion blender I've been using that's dairy. But he's almost nine months. He can handle soup vegetables mashed with a spoon just fine. In theory...

Jacque said...

How wonderful it is to be caught up reading your blog! I even posted to mine today http://petalsandpurls.blogspot.com/