Tuesday, January 23, 2007


1. I don't know what's up with the RSS feed. Every day I get another couple of emails telling me it's not working. I also get another couple of emails from people who can't sign in despite multiple invites (and the difficulties are not from people prone to computer issues). Anybody have any idea what's up with that?

2. The Cholent Aftermath Diaper was every bit as foul as one might expect. Thanks for asking. Honestly it makes sense that Iyyar likes the kind of food I do--he gets tastes of it in the milk, so it's more familiar than, say, rice cereal, which I haven't eaten for going on thirty-two years now.

3. Iyyar is back to wanting to nurse every three hours all night. It is really difficult to talk him out of it when I'm in the room. Ergo, he's in his crib screaming and I'm blogging at this ungodly hour and hoping he'll go back to sleep, which he usually does after a few minutes. It's not a major-distress-nobody-loves-me scream, it's a what is WRONG with you I want to NURSE snf I am TICKED kind of a scream, so I don't feel too terrible.

4. We are having guest after guest after guest for the next few weeks. And work has never ever ever been so busy, because of all the rehearsals I've been doing and the meetings I've been in and the new client I've been working with who is Japanese and can't sight-read English. I have to run through every speech with him, multiple times, teaching him to pronounce each word. Today our meeting ran three hours, hard on the heels of another meeting than had run over, and I never got to pump at all all day. Ow. Ow ow ow ow ow.

5. I gave both boys a bath together last night for the first time. General hilarity all around. Lots of splashing and laughing--very cute. For once in my life the camera was in the right place at the right time and we got a fuzzy little video clip. I need to get a better camera, one that takes movies you can see and hear.

6. I hear quiet, so I'm going back to bed now. Hope you never left yours. Good night.


k. said...

Does your Japanese reader know the International Phonetic Alphabet? We use it at work for the bilingual dictionaries and it's easier to read than English is. All the same, it does contain Ls and Rs, so who knows how helpful that would be?

I blame A.'s abiding love for anything pickled on the fact that all we could afford during her first year of life was government issue tuna, mustard, and the rare jar of pickles.

AidelMaidel said...

In regards to invites, I learned the hard way, they *must* use the same email address you sent the invite to. That could be part of the problem. Alternately, try deleting the invite, waiting a day or two and then sending the invite out again...

I dunno about the RSS feed, I think it has to be public for it to work. You could set up a google group which will automatically email the readers when there is a new post as well. I can help you with that if you want...

Miriam said...

I don't think I did... (use the same address as on my invite to "login") actually, I think I got two, and I clicked on the link from the one not sent to my gmail account, which is obviously my google login.

By the way, at least this way I'm getting practice at my gmail password, b/c I almost never had to type it (using firefox plugin that remembers it for me, tells me if I have new gmail and how many new messages, and then logs me in if I click on the little blue envelope)... but it makes me type it every time I try to look at your blog now. So at least I won't forget it!

And the RSS feed stopped working for me before you went private (so did a couple of others, but I managed to fix those) so no clue on that either.

Penny said...

i love technology. :P

i hope it hasn't been just my being me. i seem to have cursed almost every website i've looked at for the past week. i was discussing some of my issues with a colleague and he said "but that's impossible".. yeah, i thought so too.

I have actually eaten rice ceral recently (about 3 months ago). It's not that bad if you make it with apple sauce and sugar and cinnamon. Or if you like congee (rice stew eaten for breakfast in china) and stir in peanuts (but with all the child food allergies these days). But i'm the weird one. I like plain cheerios (no milk, but that's another issue) or plain rice cakes, or zweibeck, maybe with some butter. I should really be asleep. When I had to kick E out of bed this morning so he could go to work he looked so tired I felt guilty staying in (even though I went to sleep 2 hours after he did) so i got up with him. See, I'm totally babbling.

Miriam said...

What's wrong with plain cheerios or plain rice cakes? My kids eat them that way, I eat them that way... (Oh, and my favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla, so maybe I'm just boring too) Rice cereal, on the other hand, is so bland that it is even beyond plain and boring. Unless you stir in add-ons, of course.