Saturday, January 27, 2007

Every time Barak comes out with something cute and I think "I have to remember that one," it seems that five minutes later I've forgotten it.


Things I want to remember about today:

1. Iyyar ate cholent again. He saw the cholent and remembered the cholent and plotzed for the cholent and I fed him cholent. This time I thought ahead and made it heavy on the barley, light on the beans.

2. Last night Barak went to sleep in his "big" (toddler mattress on floor) bed. It lasted until 1 am, when I heard a suspicious noise, went to investigate, and found him shuffling down the hall in his red feetie pajamas, blankies slung over his shoulder and a wet diaper in the other hand (?), headed toward the living room. I think he was sleepwalking, or maybe he was just barely awake. It took quite a while to get him settled again, and by the time I had Iyyar had woken up to nurse again. Iyyar is back on the nurse-every-three-hours schedule--usually around 10, 1, 4, and 7. I don't mind waking up at 1 and 7 but that 4 am nurse is killing me. Sometimes he skips it, so I'm hoping it's on its way out. And yes, I could theoretically let him cry, but if I'm lying right there next to him (there's nowhere else to put him) I'm not going to get any more sleep that way.

3. Tonight, toward the end of Shabbos, I was in the bedroom nursing the baby and Barak was with his Abba in the living room. I hadn't heard my husband calling me, and then I heard, "Are you okay?" I said I was. Next thing I knew, Barak was in my room, asking me with elaborate concern, "Are you okay, Imma? Are you okay?"

4. Barak has figured out how to open and close the lock on the back door. Uh-oh.

5. Yesterday I put away all of Iyyar's 12-month clothes and broke out Barak's old 12-18 month box. It is not too big for Iyyar at all. Wild. Barak was still wearing his 6-9 month stuff at this age (8.5 months).

6. Have I mentioned Iyyar's mohawk? Iyyar has a ridiculous mohawk. He only has hair on the top of his head and it sticks straight up. We call him Mr. I.

7. Today we went over to friends' to play a little in the afternoon. Sometimes, when I walk up stairs (they live on the third floor) I count the stairs with Barak. Today, he counted for me, but using the aleph beis. "Aleph, beis, shin, gimel, daled, tof..."

8. Has anyone else seen the Gadi Pollock aleph-beis book? It's fabulous. Beautiful, and fabulous. Barak is too little to really appreciate it but he already likes looking at it.

9. I just melted a whole lot of plastic dishes. I shoved my pareve stuff in the oven on Shabbos to wash later, and forgot about it when I turned it on to preheat. When the smoke tateckter started going beep beep, I remembered.

10. Iyyar got his first Cheerios on Friday. He thought they were... interesting. He prefers cholent.

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Deborah said...

Yay! I have read all the posts I missed and am now caught up with you and the kids.

Did you see that I have finished 2 pair of mittens? And I taught a college student friend to spin on a wheel...maybe I should blog about that.

Thank you, thank you for facilitating my re-entry into your blog-o-sphere.