Sunday, January 28, 2007


Most nights, when I put Iyyar to bed, I take him into the kitchen or wherever Abba is (and Barak, if he's still up) to say goodnight. I wave his hand at everyone and say, "night-night!" And Abba and Barak wave back, and I go off to our room to put Iyyar to bed.

Tonight, Barak was already in bed and Abba was in the kitchen grading papers. I held Iyyar's hand and waved it at Abba. "Night-night, Abba!"

Abba waved back. "Night-night, Iyyar!"

I let go of Iyyar's hand and turned to go. And Iyyar waved again!

And then Abba waved. And then Iyyar waved. And then Abba, and then Iyyar. And then Iyyar started giggling wildly, because it was all just so funny, and started waving with both hands.

Eight months, almost nine. Getting so big...

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