Sunday, January 21, 2007

Blame the cat

We were supposed to have a Date tonight, me and my husband. The last time we had a Date was March 2, 2004, so this was fairly big news. And it was going to be a good date. Dinner and a concert. A good concert. We even had tickets. We even paid for the tickets.

Hmm, you say, she's apparently sitting at her computer. Not much of a Date, was it?

Yeah, well. We couldn't get a sitter.

Not that I didn't try. I called at least fifteen girls, most of whom also have sisters. No dice.

Do you know what I think it is? I think it's the cat. In fact for some of them I know it's the cat. The cat--the little nine-pound scared-of-her-own-tail cat--freaks these little bais yaakov girls right the heck out. I have had babysitters tell me directly that they didn't know I had a cat and they couldn't come back because of the cat. Even if the cat was locked in a room. Because she might, I don't know, claw it down or something.

Those of you who have met our cat will know how entertaining this is. Those of you who have been in our house dozens of times and never seen any sign of the cat but the food and water bowls and litterbox will find it even more entertaining.

Me, right now, I'm not entertained. I want to be listening to music.


Guess I'd better go write that speech now. Which has to be written without R's or L's, because the person I'm writing for is Japanese and can't pronounce them...


Penny said...

Call me next time. I desperately need some cat time.

We'll figure out the travel logistics later. It'll work out.

Very VERY weird. I don't understand those bais yaakov girls at all (no offense to anyone). But I bet they don't understand me either.

Deborah said...

Cat fear? Afraid of your cat?
I was not even sure you had a cat for the first day or so we stayed with you. Just took it on faith that you should know--since the food dish and litter box were the only evidence.

As opposed to Pounce--who seems to know if visitors are allergic to him and appears as soon as they enter the house and cozies up to them specially.