Monday, January 15, 2007

5 x 25=1

Five posts, twenty-five readers. One comment.

One? Just one?

Hi, Wendy! I still haven't mailed your yarn. It's on the floor, right there, looking at me. Hmm. If I have enough stamps I can send it out with the carrier pickup that's coming tomorrow...

In other news... Barak pooped on the potty today, Iyyar put himself to sleep, MHH (that's Meyn Heilige Husband for the one who asked) is out doing... whatever he does on Monday nights, and I have to write the first of FIVE video scripts that have to be done by March "at the latest." Yeah, on top of about, oh, a lot of speeches.

Oh, and Barak is "sleeping" on his big boy bed, not his crib. Which means that when I hear suspicious noises coming from elsewhere in the apartment, there's probably a reason to be suspicious.

Okay. The hour is about to strike, and I want to get in three hours tonight, so off I go.

1 comment:

Penny said...

I just realized that your RSS feed hasn't updated in a few days and came to investigate. :(