Sunday, January 14, 2007

What the...?

Did you know about this?

The United terminal at O'Hare airport, in Chicago. We fly through that airport at least a few times a year--you have to connect there to get to most of our regular and not-so-regular travel destinations (my in-laws, the home of my DSIL, New York, etc.) We usually fly United. I am very well acquainted with Terminal C.

And I read the news every day. And I never heard about this!

There are a number of related articles on the Chicago Tribune site--about United and the FAA saying, "We don't know anything about that and there's no record of it at all," and then, when Freedom of Information Acts are filed, saying, "Wait, did we say we didn't know anything? Um, now that we think a little harder..."

Creepy. More creepy because it's fairly clear that whatever happened out there, there's some serious lying going on.

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