Monday, May 30, 2005

Mr. Baby

Isn't it weird? I feel all nervous again, like I'm starting a blog for the first time, when actually I'm just continuing my blog from another (now mysterious) location.

Since this blog (well, not this blog, yet, but the blog I had before I started this blog) is the closest thing I have to a baby book for Mr. Baby, who is soon not to be a baby anymore, let me take a moment to briefly note the following:

He can stand on his own very well now, for quite a long time, while doing other things, and can walk quite well while holding something. Walking independently hasn't happened yet, but I think it's right around the corner.

Favorite foods: ice cream and yobabies and cheerios. Favorite book: Moo Baa La La La, with Brown Bear, Brown Bear a very close second. Current favorite toy: the empty Amazon box in the living room, with the baby arcade my friend N gave us a close second. Favorite activity: climbing stairs. Well, nursing is good too, but at this point I think stairs win for sheer novelty value. Baths are fun now, sippy cups can be drunk from as intended (not upside down), and baby food is a thing of the past.