Friday, January 12, 2007

Thursday night

And I should really be getting to bed...

I had a brief email exchange with a college/grad school friend tonight who asked me for an invite and, in the course of a few messages, pointed out that my blog isn't really all that racy. There's nothing here that's so horrifying. What's the problem with having it public, really?

I thought about it and in a nutshell, it's not really the fear of any repercussions if anyone did find it. It's more the sense of constraint I now feel, wondering who might be reading me. I started writing a blog for two basic reasons: as a sort of online baby book, and as a way of writing for my own pleasure. I write for a living, and since almost all my writing is done under someone else's name I rarely have a chance to write what I want, how I want. I don't want to feel that this, too, has to be edited and censored to suit someone else. That's all, really.

In the same email exchange I mentioned that I felt it was sort of a chutzpa to send out blog invitations to everyone I know. ("Hey, everyone, read all about my kid's potty trips! I'm so self-absorbed I think you care!") But, well, nobody has to accept an invite, and I really do like having readers (see self-absorbed, above) so I just went through my uberimma mailbox sending out a whole bunch. If you've ever emailed me at that address, you probably just got one. Ignore at will, etc.

All that said, time for me to go to bed.


Jacque said...

responding to the invite took me to a dead end, wanted me to establish a google acct and then froze. Maybe I wasn't the only one.

Meghan said...

well...mine worked fine.

and i love reading your blog. :)

Israel Mom said...

happy to be invited.

happy to be here :P

ps. do you really need word verification now that your blog is by invite only?

Uberimma said...

Good point, IM. I just took them off. I hate those things myself--I can never get them on the first try.