Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I've been walking around with a cold for something like three weeks now, ignoring, out of necessity, the fact that I should probably be taking it a little bit easier. Yesterday, my body reminded me; at about three in the afternoon I started falling asleep. Relentlessly. Like, started dreaming weird dreams while standing up and holding a baby. I had Barak and Iyyar, and MHH wasn't coming home till six, and I could not stay awake. I walked around, jumped around, briefly started the process for taking a walk and then thought better of it. I considered calling a neighbor's daughter to come take the kids, but since falling asleep in the middle of the afternoon is so very much a pregnant thing to do (I'm not) I didn't want to go there. The second I knew MHH was out of class, I called. "Can you come home? Everything's okay, I just can't stay awake."

He got home at six and I handed him the just-fed baby, got into bed, and fell asleep instantly. At around 10:30 Iyyar woke me up because he was hungry and nursed forever. I checked my email, got a drink and went back to bed; he woke me up again at 3 and other than that let me sleep until 7:30.

Thirteen and a half hours with only two interruptions. Nirvana.

I could really sleep a little bit more, too.

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