Tuesday, November 14, 2006

This morning

far too early, I went in to get Barak, who was wide awake and making a terrific racket kicking the side of his crib. I have a cold and look (and feel) awful; he has a cold that has settled in his eye, so he looks like he's just been punched in the face, but he obviously feels just fine.

"Imma all done night-night! Imma all done night-night inna big bed!"

Yes, unfortunately, that does seem to be the case.

In other news, The Curse of My SIL's Socks continues. I think I have now cast on four (that's FOUR, folks) pairs of socks intending them to be hers. The first three were all too small. The fourth pair seemed to be going fine, till last night. I was trolling around the knitting internet looking for a better cast-off and decided to try Elizabeth Zimmermann's grafted cast off. It worked great--it looks very tidy and stretches beautifully. As I was doing it (with a sewing needle) I thought to myself, hmm, this is a great cast-off but I sure wouldn't want to have to pick it out.

Guess what?

Sock #1 is 60 stitches around. Sock #2 is 64 stitches. It's Cushy Colorsport at 7 stitches to the inch, so there's no way I can pretend otherwise. And I only have one ball of this color, so I can't even make two more socks to match the first two. Sock #2 has got to go.

(I'd like to point out in defense of my counting abilities that the curse only seems to apply to socks. I made her a pair of gloves in Socks that Rock at 8 sts/inch on ones--yes, I am just that nice--and they were fine. Hmmm.)

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thank you - you are so very nice!