Thursday, November 30, 2006

Stupid accidents

I have a blog friend who has managed to hurt herself a number of times while engaged in what she claims are safe and innocent activities--the type of activities that one would not ordinarily expect to result in injury. You know, activities like--well, like walking. What kind of a klutz do you have to be, is the subtext of the post [that I tried to post a link to here but couldn't], to require an air cast and then surgery for an injury sustained by WALKING?!

Not much, says I. That's klutziness for rank amateurs. Now, injuring yourself while sitting in a glider rocker--that, my friends, takes skill.

I wasn't even knitting. I wasn't even armed with pointy sticks of any description. I was just sitting there, watching Barak play (fortunately not holding the baby--he was playing with toys in Barak's crib, out of harm's way). I saw a toy on the floor next to me that belonged in the box behind me, and I leaned over to pick it up. That, it appears, was my fatal error.

The whole glider rocker tipped over sideways, with me in it, and I went crashing to the floor in a manner dramatic enough that even Barak, whose death-defying spills regularly cause his mother coronary events, stopped what he was doing and stared.

"Imma fall? Imma fall outta chair?"


Four hours later, every muscle hurts and I have a bruise the size of Manhattan and the color of the East River on my calf.

I was thinking of climbing up on chairs tonight to plastic the windows, since it's almost December and all. On second thought, maybe I'll do something a little safer, like--well, like sitting still.



AidelMaidel said...

refuah shalaima! ibuprofen and ice are the way to go!

shanna said...

Totally sounds like the type of stupid injury I would sustain. Welcome to the Klutz Klub!

k. said...

I, er, have an aircast you can borrow....

jasmin said...

Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear.

Yes, leave the windows to some other day, until the Klutz Fairy has some other target.

And ice and anti-inflammatory meds are the way to go, definitely.

(Awwwww, poor Imma. {{hug}})

Pat DeLeeuw said...

Motherhood must make us clumsy-I spent years with various broken toes due to running into things while looking after my children. Now that they are grown I haven't stubbed a toe in years!!
How is the contimplation going? Check my previous comment -the "be still" part may help you navigate your living room.LOL