Friday, November 03, 2006

Thursday night

I'd be in bed already, except there's challah baking in the oven. Iyyar has a little fever: 101.5. I called the doctor and he said to bring him in in the morning. I'm not sure what I expected him to say, but am really really hoping the fever is gone in the morning--because I want him to feel better, obviously, and also because I don't want to have to miss more work.

What have I been doing tonight? Oh, I don't know. Maybe clearing some space for the sock yarn that I should be getting my hot little hands on tomorrow. (Twenty-five pairs!) Cyndy has gotten her box but not reported back yet; apparently she has some kind of self-control because last I heard she was not going to open it till the kids were in bed. (A stronger woman than I.)

Anyway, here is the space on the shelf where her yarn used to be:

And here's a closeup of what's left. (I should probably have arranged things so that that really badly spun Shetland wasn't exactly front and center...)


Jacque said...

BEAUTIFUL! If I knew how to stash (read: could see actual knit items while looking at beautiful yarn) I would so go for this yarn! As it is I am a 'look at a pattern and buy the yarn' kind of knitter so far.

Happy you will have a spare camera charger- did you look in your luggage for the other one?

Cyndy said...

I hope the little guy is feeling better. Photos to follow when the camera comes home from school.

ikkinlala said...

I hope Iyyar's feeling better tomorrow.