Thursday, November 16, 2006

CSY.1 and CSY.2

Cyndy's Sock Yarn Socks, pair #1, was finished last week: a pair of Priscilla Gibson-Roberts socks, from the Fall 2000 IK. Short-row heels and toes (theoretically--I only short-rowed the heels), variegated purple Lorna's Laces. Eight stitches to the inch on size 0 dps. The intended recipient is Savta; I'm hoping to make it to the post office before spring.

Cyndy's Sock Yarn Socks, pair #2, was finished a couple of hours ago: Lynn H Cushy Colorsport, color, um, some blues and whites. There was, it transpired, not enough for a pair of size 9 socks, even with a very short ankle. I did an afterthought heel, which, on afterthought, wasn't so smart: I ran out of yarn on both and now there are a lot of knots. Oh well. They are done, they look like they will fit, and if Sara comes for Shabbos Chanuka (#2) she will get a lovely surprise. (Oh. Wait. Pretend you don't read this, okay, Sara? Thanks.)

Cyndy's Sock Yarn Socks, Pair #3, was cast on an hour or so ago. Opal, um, something--I just had the ball band here a minute ago. Okay, Opal color 5001, the same PGR socks as #1, but this time I plan to do the short-row toe instead of wimping out and just decreasing away stitches and grafting the end of the toe.

Did I mention that Iyyar has been sleeping beautifully? No? Well, you probably figured that out already.

MY BABY IS CLAIRVOYANT. I just typed that. And as I hit the period key, I heard a familiar little cough. A come-and-get-me-please, I'm hungry kind of a cough.


Well, probably time to stop knitting now anyway. I didn't tell you that I tidied the living room and Barak's room, did I? Well, I did. They're lovely. Of course there will be no trace of my efforts by the time Grandma E visits, but at least she will know I tried.

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k. said...

I hear you--the whole* family cleaned this weekend, and while the dust bunnies are gone, so is any semblance of order. How is that possible? None of us is ever home....

*Whole family being J., vacuuming like a madman, K. dusting and cleaning windows like a madwoman, and A. and H. lying on the floor with the backs of their hands over their eyes whining "My life is over!"