Sunday, November 12, 2006

More talking

Barak is on the line. He's right on that line between baby talk and real talk. He still sounds like a toddler when he talks, because of the way he pronounces and inflects--but more and more often these days I'll suddenly realize, whoa, that was a complete and grammatically correct sentence he just said. Like tonight--we were looking at a book with pictures of animals and Barak noticed ducks. "Ducks! They're swimming in the water!" Wow.

This morning's getting-out-of-the-crib exchange, almost verbatim (I actually wrote it down):

"Hi Imma!"

"Hi Barak!"

"Imma came!"

"Right, Imma came!"

(Barak looks around for Abba and sees him walk past the door.)

"Also Abba came! Also Abba came home!" (I guess he thought Abba had just come back from shul--he hadn't, but that would have been the normal thing for a Sunday morning. Nobody told Barak that today was parent-teacher conference day.)

I took Barak out of his crib and put Iyyar down so I could get Barak dressed. Iyyar was wearing, for the record, a white stretchie with blue bears, elephants, and stars. The elephants have balls balanced on their trunks. Barak's discourse on said pajamas was as follows:

"Baby wearing pajamas! Baby wearing white pajamas. Pajamas got bears! 'S got bears! 'S got stars! 'S got bears and stars on white pajamas! Dassa elephant. Elephant holda ball!"

(Why does anybody but me find this blog interesting? I wonder about this sometimes. Well, whatever. Yesterday, eight posts for the price of one and today, Barak holds forth on white pajamas. I do spoil you, don't I.)


Nancy J said...

Believe it or not, you're actually recording extremely important information on the building of language skills. (Can you tell I loved my linguistic courses in college?)

penny said...

I miss my lang dev work? I miss my mum teaching 3 and 4 year olds? It's exciting to read? [for me anyway] ... I always get a pick-me-up from hearing barak-isms (and look forward to iyyarisms)

Cyndy said...

Barak is turning into quite the conversationalist. Like Barak, my son was very clear about his refusals. He quickly grasped that we valued politieness, so his were always, "No fanks."