Thursday, November 02, 2006

Picture Thursday

Twenty-one comments! Now that's more like it.

I tried to post pictures earlier today but Blogger was uncooperative, so I'll try again. No, I never did find the battery charger, but I went and bought a new one, so the old one should be turning up later tonight.
But first, some pictures. Here is the sweater Cecilia made for Iyyar, with Barak"s scary dinosaur kippah for scale; and here is the sweater I made for Iyyar, before he was born, with the leftovers of all the socks I made on bedrest.
Here's the ice cream sweater she made him, and here's my spiral yoke. That's Noro around the neck; the body is made out of some natural ly colored Austermann I got off Elann. And here's a nice overexposed shot of Barak's winter hat, made of Koigu.
I have a bunch of other pictures, but apparently Blogger only lets you put five up per post. All right then, I'll save the rest for another time. Maybe later tonight--we'll see how the cooking goes.


penny said...

Wow. :)

Rochel Leah said...

You are very talented! I am impressed! Maybe you could sell?