Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wednesday night

No contractions since last Thursday. Besides the usual ninth-month aches and annoyances, I feel fine.

Today was a little nutty. I had Ada here all day, because she had the time to come and I don't have anyone Mondays or Thursdays--and really have a ton of work to catch up on. I got a lot accomplished this morning--right up until about 1, when I got myself a nice big glass of water from the kitchen and promptly knocked the whole thing over onto the keyboard of my laptop. Uh-oh.

The nice thing about having a laptop that belongs to your company is that if you mess it up, someone else will fix it and you don't have to pay for it. The less nice thing, of course, is that nobody is very happy with you. I called the computer people and they told me to bring the laptop right in so that they could disassemble and dry it. I thought about this for a minute and decided, well, why not bring Barak along--if all I'm doing is taking the bus in to work so that I can drop off a drenched laptop, he might as well get a fun bus trip out of it.

So I took him along with me, which was very nice because a) he and Iyyar have been getting into SO much mischief together lately that it was a good break for me to have him happy and on his best behavior, and b) I think he really needed some one-on-one Imma time. He was pleasantly surprised by the suggestion of going to Imma's office and enjoyed the bus trip, as well as getting to go in the elevator (where he was happy to push the buttons for everyone); the final transportation excitement was at the bookstore next to my office, where we stopped to pick something up for Abba (unsuccessfully, but we tried) and we took a few gratuitous trips up and down the escalators.

So I didn't get as much speechwriting done as I would have liked, but the day was productive in other, probably more important, ways. Iyyar seemed not terribly resentful at having been left with Ada and his buddy all day, and anyway I made it up to him by being home all morning today (cf. "no babysitter on Thursdays," above). The lowlight of the day, unfortunately, was that I seem to have lost my gloves--which I made with a particular favorite skein of Bearfoot yarn on size O needles. I really really like those gloves and I'm pretty sure I dropped them somehow when I was out yesterday. Sigh. Not much knitting time left, either...

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