Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Hmm. Yes. Well.

1-2 cm dilated, mostly effaced, baby -1 station. I'd rather have that all be two weeks from now, but I'm not particularly worried; with Iyyar I walked around 3 cm dilated for what, three weeks? And I was this dilated at around 33 weeks, and didn't have him until 37.5. So. The midwife said "try not to have the baby in the next two weeks, okay?" and I agreed to do my best. There was a suggestion of keeping my feet up for a few hours a day, which I can actually do--that telecommuting thing, you know.

Further bulletins, as always, as events warrant.

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k. said...

Doesn't this baby know we've got IA to get through? And Igaucu/Igauzu/Iguassu?

Or maybe the baby does know and wants to make something of that.

Sending good, calming, non-labor thoughts your way. ;-)