Thursday, January 10, 2008

Big boy

Barak loves Clementines. Every couple of weeks, I buy a big box of them at Trader Joe's or the supermarket, and he can easily eat four or five of them a day if I let him. He can peel them himself if I peel off the very top for him, and knows to put the peel in the trash.

There is one small problem with his Clementine consumption, however. Barak is very particular about how he eats them: he likes to take one section at a time, and have the rest of the orange (okay, tangerine, but he calls them oranges) stay intact. It has happened on more than one occasion that a split-in-two orange has had him in tears. "I want it to be stuck! Can you make it stuck, Imma? I need it to be stuck!"

Barak did a good job on a lot of things today. He went to mincha with Abba, and by all accounts behaved very nicely. He hung up his own coat, without asking, when he got back, and ate a dinner full of "green" without protest (okay, he didn't eat much, but he didn't protest). At bedtime, he was quite pleased with himself. "I'm a big boy," he informed me. "I did lots of mitzvos today!" And then he told me, apropos of nothing,

"At school today my orange broke. I was peeling my orange by myself and it broke. I wanted it to be stuck, but I din't cry, 'cause I'm a big boy. I just ate it."

Now that's a big boy.

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