Wednesday, January 09, 2008


No baby, and I still don't think I'm really in labor. Going to the midwife tomorrow just to get checked. Stay tuned, as always, to this exciting channel.


miriamp said...

I've had eight, and which each one I still did the second guessing the actual being in labor thing. With the last 4 or so, "false" labor lasted days, and I actually canceled a dentist appointment because I was having contractions all day and couldn't drive with them, even though I knew I was pretty sure I wasn't having the baby that day. (And it was another month, so it can work out that way.)

k. said...

I'm with miriamp--with H. I was "in labor" for two weeks before she made her appearance.

The downside was the second-guessing and the fatigue from not really sleeping well. The upside was a proper labor that really only lasted a few hours.

I mean, assuming you see that as an upside.