Saturday, January 12, 2008

Motzai Shabbos

I'll do an Iyyar post soon, don't worry. I just need to think about it a little bit first. In the meantime, I'll give you this: today we went over to friends to play in the afternoon. Iyyar, as is his habit, found an open door (bathroom, of course) and closed himself in. I followed him, and closed the door behind both of us (ninth month and all). Then he walked over to the toilet, lifted up his shirt, patted his undershirted tummy, and told me meaningfully, "Potty. Potty." Um, no. Sorry. Not starting with that right now. Get back to me in about... um... well, get back to me later. Much later.

In the meantime, after a Thursday of contractions so bad I called my husband to come home from work (not because I thought I was about to need to go to the hospital, but because I couldn't get around enough to watch both kids), I had a friend over and we spent the evening drinking water, sitting still, and knitting. She made quite an impressive hat, which I wanted to photograph. I discovered, after three tries at new batteries, that my Radio Shack digital camera, purchased when Barak was born, has finally given up the ghost. My cheapskate instincts wrestled with my sane mother instincts for an hour or so (new baby on the way and no camera!), and then I just sat down at the computer and ordered a reasonably inexpensive new camera on Amazon. Then I got to the checkout, and the shipping options.

What to do? Do I go with the free super saver shipping, which might not get the camera here for two weeks or more? Or do I spring for the overnight delivery? Surely that's not necessary. I thought about it for a while, and finally settled on the two-day option.

And have not had a contraction since. Hmm. Think I just bought myself another month of being pregnant?


k. said...

And that leaves MHH enough time with the new camera to figure out how to use it so you are not cradling the new baby and dealing with Barak and Iyyar while holding one hand out to him and saying, "Okay, the little button on top? No, not that one, that's the power button, the one next to--well, you need a power button to save batteries. The button next to that. Hold it down halfway and--no, halfway. Look. Just give it to me. Just. Give. It. To. Me."

This is also assuming it's not Shabbos and you don't have to have a conversation with Halachic Man about whether it's okay to push the shutter button on the camera during Shabbos. ;-)

uberimma said...


I am still having conversations like that with him about the OLD camera.

And Barak was born early Friday morning, and we didn't get him out of the NICU until late Saturday afternoon, which is why there are no pictures of him until Saturday night.

shanna said...

If two-day shipping is the cost of another month of pregnancy, I'd say you got yourself a nice bargain.

uberimma said...

I would agree. Although I don't actually need another whole month. Two or three weeks would do just nicely.

LC said...

Hee hee. I was just thinking what Shanna wrote. So, what she said. :)