Thursday, January 24, 2008


Yesterday, I was very, very tired. I had not had a babysitter that morning, which meant no quiet sitting at the computer working time--just a whole day of mostly being on my feet, chasing small children. The kids had not been misbehaving, exactly, but they'd been very high-energy and very high-need (as in, I will implode RIGHT NOW if I do not get ALL YOUR ATTENTION RIGHT THIS SECOND!) I was having contractions, I didn't feel good, and the last thing I wanted to do was move one muscle more than necessary. By around four PM, I'd really really had it. I was sitting on the couch in the living room, and the kids were playing on the floor--and then both of them bolted down the hall.

Ordinarily, when they are in the kind of mischief-making mood they'd been in for most of the day, I don't let them stay out of my sight for very long, because oh BOY can they get in trouble fast. But yesterday, I just couldn't deal. I knew I should get up, but... I heard a door open and close, and heard the sounds of toys and playing. It's not that there aren't things to get into in their room, but there aren't so many, so I just sat and listened. It sounded pretty harmless. A little banging, some giggling, some more toy sounds, some conversation I couldn't catch, some more giggling.

This is fine, I told myself. I need to relax. I have to get used to not watching them every second. IY"H there will be a baby soon and I won't be able to follow them all over the house. They're fine.

Giggle. Giggle. Talk talk. Giggle. Splash.


I heaved myself off the couch, ran/waddled down the hall, and opened the bathroom door. Sure enough--both of them were in there. The floor was covered with water, which was running out of the sink. And Iyyar had one toothbrush in each hand, and was dipping them into the toilet and brushing his teeth with each one in turn, as Barak giggled madly.

I don't how how much e. coli they both consumed, but they seem okay today. The toothbrushes, however, have met their end.


miriamp said...

Ah, playing with water. I have some of those. To the point that my kitchen ceiling has a yellow line on it, you know, where the water they covered the upstairs bathroom floor in was pouring out of onto the kitchen floor. A different time it was "raining" in the basement from a mini-flood in the kitchen. I love my house. Actually, that's not true. I love my kids' school, and I like being able to be able to send them there, but I don't especially like my "affordable" house where "the heat works! We just turned it off because it was summer and we were away, and sorry, you can't actually inspect it in August when you are house shopping!" Well, it "works," but we've already financed the plumber's college education fixing/replacing sections of heating pipe (steam heat) that suddenly develop leaks, and we're not done yet. sigh.

BTDT on the on and off contractions too, but glad the camera shipping worked out for you!

k. said...

Let's see, mondo speeches to write, exams at MHH's school, and now the children are playing in the toilet.

You know what this means: your water will break as you are trying to clean up the bathroom floor.

shanna said...

I never knew it was possible to giggle and say "ew" at the same time, but...apparently it is.