Sunday, March 25, 2007

Two-minute post

I promised my husband I'd be in bed by midnight, so this will be short.

Barak is, B"H, fine. He woke up right after I finished the last post, and for about half an hour both he and Iyyar howled in stereo. Once they'd both calmed down, the afternoon got much more pleasant--we watched Muppets DVDs and ate ice cream (or nursed, as appropriate) on Barak's bed until almost dinnertime. He seems mostly recovered now; his voice is still high-pitched and funny, but otherwise he is acting his usual self. What I can't get used to is how quietly he sleeps now--at night the house used to be full of the sounds of stereo snoring. Now you can only hear Barak breathe if you put your ear right up to his face. Kind of unnerving.

After the surgery, his doctor came out and told me, "His adenoids were enormous! They were completely blocking his nasal passages." I didn't realize until a couple of days later that she was right. Barak picked up a tea bag in the kitchen--orange blossom tea, and very fragrant. I sniffed it, and it smelled wonderful, and I handed to him asking him if he wanted to make a bracha. He sniffed and--the look on his face! It was the look of someone who just discovered a whole new sense he didn't know he had, which was, of course, exactly the case. He hadn't been able to smell anything for who knows how long. And he probably hasn't been tasting that much either.

Oops. 12:04. Good night!


jasmin said...

Oh hooray. So glad to hear all's well. I've been away from computers for a few days, which was wonderful but did limit my ability to find out how things went.

Smelling things is a nice thing to be able to do, and so is breathing quietly. Do you feel better about the surgery now?

LeahChaya said...

It is always nice to be reassured so obviously by the final outcome that you made the right choice.

Glad to hear that Barak's doing well. I am anxiously looking forward to appreciating smells again one day, but my current issue is just a head cold. . .

Deborah said...

Wait until he learns what chocolate _smells_ like. Then you will never have a chance to eat it alone again.
Isabelle: "Mom, can I have some of that chocolate I smell on your breath, please?"

Pat DeLeeuw said...

My Grandson had the same experience-he didn't know anything had "smells". Now he sleeps quietly and deeply and is much healthier. The Picture of your son is beautiful and now he will sleep beautifully also.