Wednesday, March 21, 2007

All done

Surgery at 7:30, out at 8:30, ice cream at 11:30, home by 1.

The beginning and end of his hospital experience--the parts in the playroom with the table set up with Thomas the Tank Engine trains and tracks--were a blast. The part where he woke up from anaesthesia with an IV and a pulse-ox monitor--not so much.

They're both napping now, and I thought I would do some writing, but instead I think I'm going to join them.

Thanks for all your good wishes. Full round-up to follow, when I get a chance.


projgen said...

At last! I can get my Barak and Iyyar fix again :)

But there's nothing like coming back to a blog after a long while (thank you for the invite!) and the first thing I see is "Surgery at 7:30"

Ack! What a relief (for me. I'm not the imma.) to see it was tubes and adenoids. And that Barak ended his experience with Thomas! Yay Thomas! :)

btw, when are you posting your pizza recipe? ;)

Anonymous said...

Holy Cow! I have been blog absent for just a few days and see what I miss!!! I hope everyone is doing better and that you are all getting lots of rest. What about Iyyar?

Cecilia said...

I had always thought--from watching _ER_ and other medical shows--that it was a pulse-socks monitor!!

Very happy to hear all is well.

Deborah said...

Am so glad his surgery went well.
Hugs to you all.

Penny said...

teach me not to log in and check (though there have been good thoughts) .. glad things went well. i had my tonsils, adenoids out and tubes in all in one fell shwoop. it was a miserable summer but i wasn't sick anymore. (nb: my tonsils were sized for an overweight 6' man, not little 3-yo-me)