Thursday, March 01, 2007

Shaloch manos

The advantages of having an under-three sous-chef: he's free, and when it comes to baking vast quantities of chocolate chip cookies for Purim, he's very, very enthusiastic.

The disadvantage: when allowed to open the brand-new box of baking soda, he is liable to start emptying the entire box into your mixer bowl when you're not looking.

I wouldn't have minded so much if the bowl hadn't already been full of every other ingredient, including all my absurdly expensive imported Israeli chalav yisroel butter...


Alisha said...

Oy! At least he has an excuse -- he's only three. Usually when I try to cook or bake something I end up doing something like that myself. Yesterday, for instance, my hamantaschen dough got, er...a wee bit more vanilla than intended.

I did the rolling/cutting/filling/shaping/baking process tonight...and haven't tasted them yet.

caroncm said...

Every cook has those moments. If some is good, the whole box is better!
Yes,buying yarn is definitely the way that I scratch the knitting itch. What yarn are you using for Eris? Cyndy

Ellie said...

I agree that that trick is worse when you do it to your self-or leave out an imprortant ingredient!I once started with a recipe on the left side of the book and finished with the recipe on the right side. It was mufffins and they were not so bad-but I had to eat ost of them!

AidelMaidel said...

A freilichen purim!

the aidel maidel girls

k. said...

Wrong holiday, kiddo--the one featuring salt and bitter herbs one is coming up soon. ;-)