Thursday, March 01, 2007

Is it just me?

If you are a knitter, and you have no time to knit, do you feel strong urges to buy yarn?

I know it's not rational. I mean, a) I have plenty of yarn already and b) I don't have time to knit what I've got. So why buy more? My guess is that it's a way of scratching the knitting itch when I can't actually knit.

Right now I am obsessed with this. And as certain of my friends will tell you, I don't use the word "obsessed" lightly. It is the most beautifully designed and fun-to-knit pattern I've ever seen (forty pages long!!) and I am already plotting future renditions. I finished the neck yesterday and am up to the knitting-in-the-round part of the yoke--the fun, rewarding part that comes after the brain-crunching cables. And I can't do it! Because I have to write! And cook for Shabbos! And make shaloch manos! And things for the Purim seuda!



organizer2003 said...

oh wow--I'm first?!?! Never happened before. :)

I feel your pain. I knit her Rogue, and LOVE it. I've worn it fairly constantly since I finished it.


Deborah said...

Hmm. Followed her links and ended up at Sundara Yarn.

Good thing the internet wasn't around when Kathy and I had our little dyeing and knitting business. Almost 20 years ago!! If so I might still be dyeing yarns.

Ellie said...

What color? I can see why it appeals to you? I just knit a bag to felt. Never again. Not worth the knitting!