Monday, March 05, 2007

Iyyar updates

You might think from my blog that all I do is hang out with Barak all day, leaving the poor little baby all alone in a playpen in an empty room somewhere (chas v'shalom!) The truth is that he spends most of the day glued to my hip, which is getting a bit more difficult as he gets chunkier and chunkier.

He's not crawling yet, although he has seemed perilously close for a couple of weeks now. But just a few days ago he started pulling up with confidence, and now all you have to do is put him down anywhere near a laundry basket and you will have a standing-up baby in no time at all. All he wants to do is stand--if you keep him sitting in your lap for too long (he's very cuddly, so sometimes it happens, what can I say...) he'll start this frantic-sounding annoyed-baby gurgling noise way back in his throat. "I need to stand up! I need to stand up now!" And as soon as you let him stand up, he's all smiles and so so proud of himself. Look at me, Imma! Look at me, I'm standing! He'll take a few steps if you hold his hands, but that's still very wobbly. He's not really comfortable moving his feet much when holding on to something and standing, so I think even cruising is not quite around the corner.

He's also just started clapping. Well, actually he's been doing that for a week or so, but today did it for the first time in front of our babysitter, who has been trying in vain to get him to do it for a while. I so love the very early stages of clapping, where sometimes the hands miss each other...

And Iyyar has the weirdest teeth ever. He's got the bottom two, in the normal baby pattern. And he's got one top tooth. But it's not one of the two front teeth--it's one tooth, off to the side. I cannot describe in words how intensely odd that looks. If he had a matched pair, he'd look like a baby vampire.

Sleeping is getting much better, B"H. The usual these days is in bed around 7, up for a snack sometime between 10 and 1, and then breakfast around 5, with a post-breakfast nap of a couple of hours to follow. I can live with that, yes indeed I can. And usually one nap in the morning of an hour or two, plus a shortish nap late in the afternoon. This afternoon he was napping when Barak woke up from his nap. "Barak, shh, okay? The baby's shluffing." "Baby shluffing? Hafta be quiet. Hafta go 'shhh' like that." It didn't help--Iyyar knows when his big brother is up and fun things are about to happen.

He's still got a yucky cold, which is making it hard for him to nurse. He keeps having to open his mouth to breathe, with lets loose a payload of milk that gushes warmly down my side. We've been spending a lot of time hanging out in their room with the humidifier blasting, which seems to help some.

All right, off to work. Iyyar is asleep, Barak is in the kitchen enjoying his post-poop ice cream, and the speeches call.


Miriam said...

My first learned to walk before he learned to crawl... they don't have to do everything in a specified order, you know. ;-) He was mobile, though... kind of stayed in a sitting position and scooted around on his bottom. (6 mo?) Then he went to pulling up, (7-8mo) walking holding fingers (10 mo or so) and then walking (11.5 mo).

He was the funniest thing, though, because he could walk, and he could pull up, but he couldn't stand up by himself in the middle of the room. So if he fell down, he'd scoot on his bottom over to a piece of furniture, pull up on it, then set off walking again.

Eventually he figured out the standing up thing, and when he got too tall to walk under the table, he figured out crawling (from watching another little boy I was babysitting.)

I've also heard of babies just rolling and pivoting to get places, no crawling, before skipping straight to walking.

Yasmin said...

Picture of vampire baby teeth? Please please? Pleeeeez?!