Monday, March 26, 2007


I am eating noodles with cheese. Not just any cheese, but the first Parmesan cheese I have bought in its block-of-cheese state since I started keeping kosher about, oh, a decade ago now. And I probably didn't buy Parmesan then either, since I was in grad school and couldn't afford it.

But I was in the kosher grocery on Thursday, and I saw a great big hunk of kosher l'Pesach Parmesan. And I couldn't resist. Ask not what it cost--it was worth every penny.


LeahChaya said...

I guess that makes my 9YO a connoisseur; the *only* way he will eat spaghetti is smothered in parmesan cheese. :)

Penny said...

where did you find the block? I'm here in brooklyn and i haven't found it. just millers shredded (better than the grated IMHO)