Friday, November 27, 2009

We interrupt this blog to bring you


Still here.

So is Barak. The memo about busing that came home on Wednesday was, it transpires, wrong; we were out there at the time it said but no bus. After around ten minutes of increasingly suspicious shivering I saw one of the other mothers run out of her house to tell us that another note had been sent home on Thursday changing the times. Bus had come at 8:15, not 8:45 as expected, and my choices were a) walk Barak a mile to school each way or b) keep him home again. He's sitting on the floor of my office playing little Lego right now. So much for that nap I had in mind.

Due date is Monday. I can't believe I might actually have to work on Monday. We usually have brisn before my due date! And that's with jaundice!

This is so weird.

OK. Off to figure out Shabbos. Again. Because, you know, I'm still here and all.

Shabbat shalom everyone. Further bulletins, as always, as events warrant. Or as they don't.

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Yasmin said...

This is an odd turn of events. Maybe baby is not eager to enter a world where Big Brother's school can't even reliably notify Mom of when a schoolbus is going to show up.

How many kids get bussed? Is it really that hard to make sure their parents know when to expect the bus? Especially in cases of sudden changes, can't they call? Otherwise you're going to have to call them every day to verify that afternoon's dropoff time and the next day's pickup, which is sure to be irritating to all concerned (including you).

I take it your concerns about measles are significantly less, then? You haven't mentioned anything about the boys showing signs thereof.