Thursday, November 19, 2009

Speaking of irrational

So, let us remind ourselves here that I am not even due yet. Okay, yes, I thought I'd have the baby a couple of weeks ago, but my actual due date isn't for another week and a half.


I've kind of gotten into this weird mindset of "Oh, so I'm just going to be pregnant forever. Okay. Got it." So now, even though I'm hobbling around because my legs are no longer attached to my hip sockets, and I can barely get up off the floor, and I can't stay out of the bathroom for more than fifteen minutes at a time, I've somehow convinced myself that this is just, you know, normal.

Probably because few things are more crazy-making than going to bed every night timing contractions and expecting your water to break and waking up in the morning to find that you are not only still pregnant, you don't even appear to be in active labor yet.

Anyway. 38 weeks and three days. I can't believe it, but I actually went shopping for Shabbos this morning and it does appear that I will spend the evening cooking. I've been going about my normal routine, albeit at half speed; yesterday, in the pouring rain, I took Barak to the bus, went to the bakery and the produce store with Iyyar and Avtalyon, worked all morning, did the pickup rounds in the afternoon, took Iyyar and Avtalyon over to Yehudis's to play, came back to get Barak, made pizza for dinner, cleaned up, put kids to bed, dealt with some insurance stuff and then fielded a screaming Avtalyon for two hours. I have no idea what was up with him but it started out with having ENTIRELY THE WRONG PLUGGIE and then he just got so worked up he couldn't calm down, and then he woke up Iyyar who screamed for a while. The incredible thing is that through all of this Barak never even stirred. He stayed completely asleep through stereo screaming that went on for a really, really long time. I guess it's a survival skill when you share your room with two little brothers. As for me, I resettled Iyyar in my bed (turned out he was screaming because he'd banged his foot and gotten worked up about that--three band-aids later, he was calm) and finally calmed down Avtalyon I'm not sure how.

Back to work. Completely ignoring contractions now, because I'm tired of timing them and I don't believe in them anymore anyway. Anyone else think I'm bucking to have this baby on the bathroom floor?


Cyndy said...

Dues dates caused me nothing but trouble. Although it was of the opposite type (past due), I was pretty irrational by the end. I'm sure you are keeping just the smallest bit of attention to the timing. I'm even more sure that you have no interest in the wild story that involves the bathroom floor.
Thinking of you,

Wendy said...

I know just what you are feeling. When I was that pregnant I had the same feeling. Oh, now I'm just this kind of person, a pregnant person. When I had my first I felt the same way about the baby. When he was a week or so old my friend came by with her 3 week old baby and he seemed so old and BIG. I thought, well, she just has that kind of baby and I have this kind of baby and it will always be that way. Funny the games the mind plays. Just be well. Here is wishing you an easy delivery and a happy, healthy baby.

Yasmin said...

In today's EMS news - Miss. Toddler, 2, Helps Mom Give Birth

So don't worry. Somebody else already did this, and quite recently -- you can just have your baby around professionals.