Thursday, January 15, 2009


1. More moth holes. Many more. I am in the middle of washing all my sweaters and taking them outside to freeze. But the stash! Do I take out the entire stash? There is so much stash. I have hundreds of pounds of wool in the house. I can't deal.

2. More Iyyar woes. I had to take him to the dentist today because he was crying that his teeth hurt. The dentist saw nothing--$95 and $48 of babysitting later. He and Avtalyon are also just getting over major diarrhea, with attendant major diaper rashes.

3. More work stress. The assistant to my main client is mad at me because I screwed up. I didn't get everything done this week I should have done (because of sick kids) and I sent the wrong speech, plus one speech with the wrong tag. She is under a lot of stress herself and reamed me out in front of people. I don't deal well with things like that.

4. We're going away for Shabbos. I have to pack, and before I can pack, I have to iron a bunch of shirts.

5. I can't do that because I'm supposed to be writing speeches.

6. I'm not writing speeches because I'm dealing with moths.

7. My house is a trashed wreck. It was totally clean on Tuesday night. I was caught up on laundry then, too.

Off to dump a lot of wool into trash bags.


shanna said...

I wish I could give you more time.

Yasmin said...

I wish I could help with the wool so you could do the other things.

LC said...

{{{hugs}}} I hope Shabbos was restful and non-stressful. And I hope the moths have left for warmer climates without taking any more of your wool with them.