Thursday, January 08, 2009

Another Iyyarism

Earlier this week, at bedtime, as I was rooting around in Iyyar's drawer for pajamas:

"Iyyar, which pajamas do you want? Do you want the doggie pajamas?" (It's actually a reindeer--pajamas purchased on post-Christmas sale at LL Bean--but he thinks it's a doggie and I haven't corrected him.)

"Not doddie. Dat one moose!"

"It's a moose? I thought it was a doggie."

[with conviction and very great earnestness] "Not! Is moose! Not doddie!"

"Oh, okay. Do you want the moose pajamas then?"


"Which ones do you want?"

"Want it dis one! Want it truck jajamas!"

"Truck pajamas? Okay, you want truck pajamas. Oh wait. Iyyar, we don't have the top of those. They're in the wash. Do you want your doobie [bear] pajamas? Do you want to match Avtalyon?"

[Iyyar surveys his pajama options, then inspects Avtalyon, who is already in doobie jajamas.]

"Yeah! Match!"

"Okay, you're going to match!"

"Match it baby jajamas! Match it Talyon jajamas!"

"Right, you're going to match Avtalyon's pajamas!"

Eyebrows two inches above normal position, eyes wide: "Also Barak have jajamas!"

"Right, Barak has pajamas too."

"Abba not have jajamas."

"Yeah, he does. You just never see them because he's up before you ."

"Abba has jajamas?"

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure."

"Oh." Iyyar considers this. Then, shaking head regretfully, palms pointing skyward,"Not Imma has jajamas."

That's true, actually. My nighttime nursing wardrobe is pretty... eclectic. "No, Imma doesn't have pajamas."

Iyyar looks at me sympathetically. "Not have."

They're going to be called jajamas around here for a while, I think.

In other news, the no-dairy seems to have worked--that plus warm baths plus lots of A & D. He last had dairy last Thursday. Friday was the usual, Saturday morning was awful. Saturday afternoon he started with diarrhea that lasted through Sunday afternoon. Monday was maybe half an hour of crying in the morning, followed by much much more poop. Monday night, as I was putting on his jajamas, I suddenly noticed that his potbelly had vanished. How awful must that have felt? Tuesday night he was back to his sweet troublemaking self; yesterday and today has been normal poopage without fanfare. (Well, normal except that it smells incredibly foul. Can't blame him for that, though, given what I've been feeding him in the roughage and fiber department.) It's so nice to have my happy little boy back.

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Yasmin said...

I have new jajamas. White, with green and blue. They're very comfy.

Rob also has new jajamas. It's getting chilly so I felt the thin knit ones were not warm enough, but he's in an awkward size between the child and adult clothes. My brother helped find a pair of red and black flannel pants, and we got a red Hanes sweatshirt to go with them. It's not quite cold enough for that, so he wears his read Tintin and Captain Haddock T-shirt instead. He seems pleased with the combination, though mostly he doesn't care what he wears.

Glad to hear the tummy is back to normal dimensions and function. I hope that milk was the trigger, inconvenient though it may be for the rest of the family. My brother is strictly soymilk now, and it's made a huge difference to his digestive system.

Or maybe that was too much unnecessary info. Sorry.