Sunday, January 18, 2009

And even more!

On Shabbos, Avtalyon started feeling a little warm. Then he felt warmer. Then he felt really, really hot, and that was when I decided to check his diaper and realized that it had stayed totally dry for over 5 hours, and then I checked his temperature with a fancy infrared thermometer (after Shabbos) and it came up at everything from 101.7 to 105.1 and then 106.2. So much for fancy infrared thermometer. Motrin, then Tylenol three hours later, and a lot of screaming. B"H he's better today. I think it's teething. He wanted to nurse, but couldn't at all, and was pulling at his ears a bit. Don't tell me teething doesn't cause fever--I'll nod politely but know you're wrong.

This afternoon Iyyar very deliberately sneaked a good long swig from Barak's cup of milk, which I saw only after it was too late. Tonight I went to Target with a friend to pick up, among other things, more baby Tylenol; when I came home, Iyyar had thrown up, Avtalyon was screaming, and Barak was coming out of bed whining that nobody was paying ANY ATTENTION TO HIM AT ALL! I snapped at Barak, saying something I immediately regretted, and managed to get everyone else to sleep pretty easily. Then I spent a little time making it up with Barak and explaining why I'd been angry; he didn't seem to have hurt feelings and went to sleep happily with Middos Machine, the pink CD (Episode 3, in which Shnooky gets into Dr. Middos's Time Machine, with all the consequences you would expect).

It really is looking like a dairy allergy. I have an appointment for Iyyar with a pediatric GI specialist at the local children's hospital a week from Tuesday; I'm going to see if I can get him in with the allergist at our pediatric practice too. There wasn't much of a wait the last time we took him (right before Avtalyon was born--remember the hives?) and the more information I can bring to the GI doctor, the better.

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persephone said...

Yoy. If you care to share them, I'll be taking notes on your experiences with the ped. allergist - we're headed that way ourselves. Good luck...