Thursday, January 08, 2009


Iyyar is sound asleep and snoring.

In a big-boy bed.

Where did my little baby go?

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Yasmin said...

Where they all go.

We've just made plans for Robbie's transitional bed to be given away. It's been in storage for the last 4 years, and in the garage of the old house for almost 2 years before that, so it could have gone much earlier, but that was too hard to arrange then. I stood there in the storage unit touching each sticker he'd put on its headboard: policeman, jeep, jet fighter, fire engine, dalmatian, Chinook, Thomas, Fat Conductor . . . I started to take them off, but couldn't. I remember him sticking each one on so gleefully, with as much care as the little fingers could manage.

The last thing I watched him make was his 6th grade science project assignment. And I stuck the kitty and the flower pots on the windows while he built a windmill of his own design with Crystal Light tubes, gardening string, and a toothpick.

Now I'm getting all teary...