Sunday, December 17, 2006


Another language post. This one is too good to keep for the next list.

MHH is having his boys over tonight for a Chanuka chagiga. I was in the kitchen baking cookies for this event, with Barak in his high chair eating lunch, watching, and waiting. He wanted to make sure there was going to be a cookie coming his way. Transcript of conversation follows.

"Imma, wassat?"

"They're cookies. Is Imma making cookies?"

"Imma make a cookies?"

"Yeah, I'm making cookies. I'm making cookies for the boys."

Pause while Barak considers this.

"Make a cookies Hakim?" [Hakim is our upstairs neighbor, also aged 2 1/2.)

"No, I'm making cookies for Abba's boys."


"I'm a boy!"

Sentences. Real sentences. More of them every day. The baby talk is fading and real talking is taking its place. It's good, of course, but also just a little bit sad... today for the first time, I heard Barak pronounce "in there," not "innair" as he's been saying for months.

Bit by bit, he's growing up.

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Deborah said...

At this very moment the girl was asking me "Now when did you make those cookies that are in the oven?"
(Last night after she went to bed. They need to sit overnight before baking this morning)