Sunday, December 17, 2006

This morning

I slept the latest I've slept since I had Barak. Seriously. 9:30!! Iyyar woke up a bunch of times to nurse, but went back to sleep every time. MHH scooped up Barak when he woke up and let me sleep. Till 9:30!

The man, he is a saint.

So when I got to changing Iyyar's diaper, it was a little... heavy. Actually, it weighed more than he does and was full of green poop. I was standing there changing him in our room, with Barak driving "heavy loads!" (like the plastic Emese-the-cat) around with his bulldozer on the floor behind me. Imagine the tableau, if you will. Imma stripping clothes off baby, toddler on floor. Off came pair of pajamas #1. Off came pair #2 (it's chilly in here at night). And then I saw the full-to-capacity diaper, and said,

"Ohhh... myyyyy..."

And from behind me a little voice piped up,


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Deborah said...

Go Iyyar! Show Barak what a heavy load really looks like!