Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Backhoe loader tragedy

Before I type anything, I should point out that Barak right at this moment is in his high chair telling himself soothingly, "Chanuka, 's over, right? right. Chanuka all done, right? Right. Iss okay. Chanuka all done, kay? Kay."

I mentioned that we got a new backhoe loader at Target last week. Barak has been inseparable from said backhoe loader to the point that when it was time to go to gan yesterday, he wanted to bring it. "Okay, Barak, you can bring it. But either you're going to have to put it in your cubby, or you're going to have to share it with the other kinderlach, okay?" Yesterday passed without incident. Today he came home with a broken backhoe loader, and reports of a Time Out.

"Barak, what happened?"

"Broke it backhoe loader."

"How did it get broken?"

"Gotta share it."

Oh dear. A call to his ganenet confirmed this: a fight broke out over the backhoe loader, Barak hit the would-be operator, and got a time out. The backhoe loader is now just a backhoe, sans loader.

Maybe next time the toys need to stay home.


Pat DeLeeuw said...

Your stories are wonderful-Thank you for sharing them with us!! Barak is really becoming quite the little man.

Muffin&Bear Mom said...

We have a similar rule - things that come with have to stay in the car - otherwise - they have to be shared. It's amazing what stays in the car :)

Anonymous said...

hi, your ganenet looks like a really sensible and responsible teacher. enjoy!

mama o' the matrices said...

oh, tough one. The Eldest has brought things to school, swearing he'll share, only to glare fiercely at any and all who dare encroach.

My usual tactic is to let him bring it, ask if he really wants to share it, watch him reconsider and stuff beloved object du jour back into his bag.

Every time. It's almost a ritual!