Tuesday, March 31, 2009

In which I attempt optimism

I took Iyyar to the doctor today. He (doctor) said that his (Iyyar's) muscle weakness is not what he would expect in a kid with [horrible disease we talked about last night], which is reassuring. However, if he's weaker/less coordinated than he used to be, that's concerning, and so we did a blood test, which will be back on Friday. "He doesn't look to me like a kid with [horrible disease], but I've been wrong before, and what you're telling me is something we need to follow up on." So.

My hopeful idea, as of half an hour ago--could this (wobbly legs, bumping into things, not being able to get up without hands) just be a post-tonsillectomy growth spurt? Growth hormone is secreted during deep sleep, of which Iyyar has had practically none for probably months. He's got his appetite back and is doing some serious eating these days. Surely he's doing some growing. Could that be it? Maybe?



Yasmin said...

Could be: your reasoning makes sense to me. And it's a reminder that there is often more than one cause for a specific set of symptoms, so [horrible thing] is not necessarily what's actually going on.

Hang in there. We wait with you.

kata said...

Cautious optimism is the right way to go. Also: the simplest answer to a question is often the likeliest answer. I'm so glad the doctor was at least a little bit reassuring.

crunchygranolamom said...

OY.....Can you please email me his name to include in my tehillim?

Big hugs.