Saturday, March 14, 2009

Day Three

It says in the Torah that the third day after surgery is always the hardest. We had evidence of this today, with a lot of rolling around and wailing and "my mouth hurts!" After that first fantastic morning Iyyar slowed down a lot, but he's basically been okay; three-hour naps in the afternoon, kind of fussy etc., but all right as long as he gets Tylenol every 4 hours. Oh, and that bit about "he'll have bad breath"? Not a joke.

Some friends brought us Shabbos food on Friday afternoon, which was amazing--much more food than I would ever have made for us, plus apple cake, which the kids loved. And bologna! Which Avtalyon thought was fantastic.

Barak is very much enjoying the new routine of frequent popsicles, jello, and sorbet morning and evening (in which Iyyar's antibiotics have been hidden), and seems to accept the idea that this will only last until Wednesday. Oh, and today Avtalyon decided he was old enough to drive and climbed into the Little Tikes car, with not terribly successful consequences. He's too little to sit on the seat and have his feet touch the floor, so he can't actually go anywhere, which he found rather frustrating; also, climbing up on the seat was such a challenge that he kept sliding down and getting stuck underneath, requiring frequent rescue missions. None of this dissuaded him from trying again and again, of course. If at first you don't succeed, &c.

On an unrelated (is any of this related) note, I love how Iyyar pronounces "sandwich." It's "shammish." And he likes it "sho muchsh!"

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