Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Soha soha senki

Today's been hard. Nothing in particular, just one of those days when I didn't manage to do anything right. And as if that wasn't enough, I have this stuck in my head, which, well... you probably have to be Hungarian to get the full gloom value of it. Don't bother with the English version either--it's pointless, as most English translations of Hungarian poems are.

As a point of side interest, the poet (Jozsef Attila) once wrote love letters to my great-great-aunt, who was a psychiatric nurse in one of the hospitals in which the poet (Hungarian poet, remember) spent time. (This is less impressive if you are Hungarian. Apparently he wrote a lot of love letters.) She tossed them, because, well, he was crazy. He later killed himself by jumping in front of a train. (Not because of her, I assume.) And they named a university after him. (The one I went to, in fact.)

Only in Hungary. Seriously. I mean, just imagine that here. Sylvia Plath University? Not so much.

Listen to this instead. More fun.


Penny said...


Sorry life has been really rough lately. I've been thinking good thoughts for you and everyone and hope that's not why it's been so bad.


kata said...

(I guess I'm too Hungarian not to think that the people who are the kind of crazy as Jozsef Attila was aren't on to something. Or Sylvia Plath - people with bipolar disorder.)

I really hope things get better for you very, very soon.

You lived in Szeged? My family lived there for six years. I still miss it sometimes. So different from Budapest and - though this might have changed since - so much less gloomy.

But sometimes the gloom turns funny: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWAv3nyytDQ

Real life gloom though: hope it turns sunny very soon.

uberimma said...

I went to JATE, and lived in an apartment in Ujszeged, a few blocks away from the city limits (on the very end of the number 2 bus, if that means anything to you!) I walked through the park where all the Serbian "businessmen" did their business.

Re: Jozsef Attila, you are much more Hungarian than I am.

OMG, she looks so young. Koncz Zsuzsa is my mental soundtrack to a certain summer in Budapest, when I had an alberlet near Moszkva Ter, a crazy crazy landlady named (of course) Erzsi Neni, and every time I heard the 4/6 go past I couldn't help humming "az elso villamos."

I was watching Hollo Szinhaz last night. I love YouTube so much.

Cyndy said...

There's something on NPR's Morning Edition that you'll find interesting. Alison Aubrey's piece on sleep disturbances/behavior/ and snoring including a segment on children. My niece has been a considerably healthier child following a tonsillectomy for sleep apnea.