Friday, March 06, 2009


1. Iyyar's surgery is scheduled for this coming Wednesday, as in, the day after Purim. At least I won't have much time to worry the day before.

2. It's getting really really obvious how much he needs his tonsils out. He sleeps so badly that he is impossible to wake up most mornings. To get to school on time he needs to be up by 7:30 at the absolute outside, and that means eating breakfast in the stroller. This morning he got up at five minutes to 9.

3. Avtalyon said Barak's name this morning, clear as anything. He said it a few times.

4. In other good news, Iyyar's tummy issues are, for the moment at least, gone. He says nothing about his tushy hurting, poops without commentary, and has been eating much better. I don't let him have anything with even traces of dairy anymore. Last Sunday he had some cereal that was OU-D (whey all the way down in the ingredient list) and the next day he was screaming. I think we have moved past the point where this could possibly be coincidence.

5. I need to figure out hospital knitting. When Barak got his adenoids out I did the stupidest thing imaginable, which was bring along an Eris to finish. Ha ha ha. It stayed in a bag for months before I could bring myself to repair the wreckage. This time I'm thinking Noro stripes. Interesting, but brainless.

6. The anxiety about Iyyar has settled into a sort of moderate level of panic that is almost, but not quite, enough to prevent me from doing anything else.

7. I'm feeling much better physically, though. As in, I actually cooked dinner last night AND the night before, for the first time in about a week. Now my kids have to get used to the idea that no, we do not eat cereal for dinner, all over again.

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