Thursday, May 29, 2008


The company I work for has two Big Events per year, requiring Lots and Lots of Speeches. The first event is a training event that involves about 700 people; the second is a major conference that, some years, gets well into the tens of thousands.

Event #2 is coming up, and I am scrambling. I came back from maternity leave to find (it wasn't a surprise) that only one of the main-stage speeches had been drafted in my absence, and I had something like thirty jobs waiting for me--some of them really major. I have about six left. In the last six weeks, I have been averaging close to four speeches a week.

This explains, if you were curious, a) the fact that you have probably not gotten email from me, b) the fact that my final trip to the dentist yesterday was something I (oh, how sick this is) actually looked forward to, because it meant a full hour of knitting time on the bus, and c) the fact that I am so tired I'm substituting random words for the ones that actually should be in my sentences. Have you ever done that? Said to your kid, "Put down the car!" when you meant to say, "Put down the scissors!" It is a sign that you really, really, seriously need some sleep.

22 hours till Shabbos. I mamash can't wait.

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Yasmin said...

Awwwwww. There, there. This too shall pass.

And you're going to Israel! (after you get some sleep, that is.)