Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Sticker shock

We appear to have arrived at a workable compromise, involving our staying here for the next two years but first spending the summer in Israel. I talked to my boss today and she is ok with my telecommuting for two months; she will check with her boss tomorrow. So I came home tonight and started checking out fares.

And nearly fainted.

The best fares I can find would be eight thousand--yes, that's EIGHT THOUSAND--dollars for all of us. That's with Avtalyon in my lap.

I know fuel prices are through the roof. I know the dollar is in the toilet. But EIGHT THOUSAND DOLLARS?! Two thousand dollars per adult??

Does anyone have any better ideas than the usual online routes? Anyone?


miriamp said...

oh, my. guess we're not going any time soon! Sorry, no ideas.

Hatzlacha on making it all work!

Alisha said...

Israir? I just did a quick search for your size of family, on random dates (beginning of June to end of August) and came up with less than $6,000. Still bad, but much better. If you're flexible on dates that should help.

Also, I know that Delta just started their NYC-TLV direct flights, so they might still be having some promotions. Another idea is that it's often cheaper to fly a European airline with a stopover in their hub city.

uberimma said...

I checked Israir. $6551, but that's from New York, and we all have to get there first, which, when you factor in everything, is going to cost us either another thousand dollars.

I found $7550 on BA from here--that's the best I've managed so far.