Monday, May 12, 2008


I bought the tickets. It wasn't $8,000, but it was close. The shock and horror of spending that much was mitigated substantially by the discovery that it was BY FAR the best price. I found something fifty dollars less on Delta, with yucky transfers in NY, and other than that we were talking at least $2,000 per ticket. Yup yup. And at least this way we are going BA, which is one of my favorite carriers. Much better than, say, Lot. Or Tarom. Or Air Ghana.

Now to find an apartment. And get a passport for Avtalyon.


Anonymous said...

Or better than Jordanian Air, which was the only other one I found that even offered the route. Though Jordan.

But yay! You're actually going! The time there will be well worth the money, truly.

LC said...

Good luck on the apartment hunt. And enjoy your summer!