Sunday, May 18, 2008

One step back

Back into pullups, that is. Friday was great. Everyone had a great day. Avtalyon slept wonderfully Thursday night, thanks to his hib and polio shots that morning; Barak and Iyyar were delightful and charming, and Barak ended the day with clean dry underwear.

Shabbos was great too. But the clean dry underwear turned into gross poopy underwear sometime around 4 pm.

Today, back into pullups. Which were, if not dry, at least not poopy by bathtime. But then, when Barak and Iyyar were both totally naked and about to take baths, and MHH had Iyyar in the tub and Barak was still jumping around his room pre-bath, we heard a horribly familiar wail.

"I'm POOPY..."

Not just him. But the bed, the sheet, and the wall.

What do you say to that? You know, after bleaching the heck out of half the room?

Is he just holding it all day long until he can't hold it any more? I really really don't think he pooped on the floor on purpose. In fact I'm sure he didn't, because he was hysterical. But I also know that a mere fifteen minutes earlier, he'd told me he didn't need to poop.

Barak is four. He used to be toilet trained. He was toilet trained for a pretty long time. Now he is totally not toilet trained at all. I really don't know what to do here, other than put him back in pullups for the rest of the week per Grandma E and also for my own sanity--I need to not be thinking about Barak's bathroom needs all day long.

I do remember reading somewhere about growth spurts causing toilet regression, and Barak just outgrew all his 4T clothes in the course of about two weeks. I'm really really hoping that that's it, and that it will pass. Soon.

Because I'm almost out of bleach.


Yasmin said...

The wall?! How the heck..?! (I probably don't really want to know, but I can't stop myself from asking.)

I agree you will have to go back to the pullups for at least a while. Either it's a control issue for him or the potty training module inadvertently got deleted, but I don't see how you're going to avoid constantly washing and bleaching clothing, child, and room in either case until it's resolved. And somehow I suspect you do have other things to do with your day besides wait with bleach spray and laundry detergent in hand.

miriamp said...

I feel so blessed that my 4 year old will still at least pish in the potty if she's wearing a pull-up... poop is another story, but wearing underwear didn't seem to make a difference, (and I got tired of dealing with yucky underwear) so we're back in pull-ups too. But I never thought of not bothering to change it until the end of the day. Hmm, wonder if it would make a difference?

Hope it's very short term, because of course it's temporary. I just keep reminding myself, every time one of mine trains "late" (ie somewhere fast approaching 4, and sometimes over that line) and especially when it seems to be taking extra long, that the older ones are all actually out of diapers.

Barak will get there.