Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I had to do it, didn't I.

I had to say that Iyyar slept well.

What was I thinking??

Something is bothering him now, maybe a new tooth, maybe something else, and he is doing a lot of waking up crying and a lot of waking up way, way, way too early in the morning and not going back to sleep. He's also constipated, and he's got a little rash on his back and cheek--very minor, doesn't seem to be bothering him, doesn't seem itchy. I thought it was a little heat rash but the weather's been cool now for almost a week and it hasn't gone away. The only thing different in his diet is that since coming back from Hungary I've been giving him whole milk in a cup instead of pumped milk--he's fourteen months and all so it seemed about time. I wonder if that's it. If he doesn't seem better in a couple of days I'll pull the milk and see what happens.

There was something I wanted to blog about Barak this morning and now that I am sitting here with an open Blogger window I can't think of it.

Hmm. What was it? Barak wanted honey on his Chex this morning and that turned into something of a showdown but that wasn't it. Umm. I forgot. Maybe I'll think of it later.

Halfway into my worktime, I have gotten very little done. It's not the working at home, it's the standard-issue occasional blockage. Probably caused by lingering exhaustion from the trip. The truth is that I do have a bed back here and could theoretically take a nap, but so far guilt has prevented me from doing that. It has not, however, prevented my writing the occasional blog post. So there you go.

Today is a fast day, but not for me (hooray nursing!) So I need to think of something to do with the kids this afternoon so MHH can have some quiet time. I need to take my granny's watch to get a new battery, but that doesn't take long; I should also take some things to the keilim mikva, but that's not really practical with a double stroller (stairs and all).

Dum dee dum. What was it I wanted to blog about? It was a cute Barakism. Umm...

I have it now. (I confess, I saved the post and came back to it later. it's bedtime now--Iyyar's in his crib, Barak's in the living room playing with Abba a little bit.) So, Barak is much better on the potty front these days but he still expects ice cream for every success of the poop variety. This is okay with me; he is skinny and a little ice cream every day will not do him any harm. Of course, the operant modifier here is "a little." Apparently, Abba sees it differently.

Last night, Barak had pooped and bounded into the kitchen demanding his reward. I pulled the ice cream out of the freezer--it was a new half gallon of Breyer's chocolate chip. I don't think we'd had that kind in a while. Barak frowned.

"What kind ice cream is that?"

"That's chocolate chip. It's very yummy. It's my favorite ice cream."

"Oh." Pause. "There's chocolate chips in there?"

"Yep, chocolate chips in vanilla ice cream."

"Oh. I likea chocolate chips! Iss very yummy. I likea chocolate chips inna ice cream."

"So do I." I gave him a regulation Imma-sized scoop of ice cream in a bowl. It's a generous soup-spoon-sized scoop--maybe a quarter of a cup, or a bit more. He sat down and ate. Then the negotiation and commentary.

"C'I have some more?"

"No, that was enough."

"No, iss not was enough."

"Yeah, that was enough."

"I needa more."

"No, you don't."

"Yes needa more!"

"Barak, is that how you behave when you get a treat? Is that nice or is that rude."


"Iss rude."


Pause. Then, in the general direction of the empty ice cream bowl, this:

"Abba givea lot ice cream. Abba givea ice cream like dat." [Hands indicating full bowl.] "Imma givea little bit but Abba givea lot. I likea lotta ice cream. Likea lot. Nooooot a little bit [shaking head earnestly]. A lot."

Got that, Imma?

(Oh, and Iyyar is up and crying. Again. On the third attempt at bedtime, after two failed attempts at afternoon naps. Think I should delete that last post?)

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