Thursday, July 26, 2007

and Harry Potter

No spoilers here, but if you care enough to care, you've probably finished it.

Book 7 showed up on Shabbos, and was delivered to our front door by the mail lady. "Here's your book!" she said cheerily. So I was spared having to leave it outside all of Shabbos, but the torture was even more exquisite having it in my hands. "Put it away," MHH pleaded. "It's Shabbos!" I ignored him, "C'mere, Iyyar," I said coaxingly, "Come drool on the box and soften up the cardboard. Come chew on the cardboard. It's nice and tasty!" Nothing doing, and I had to wait till after 9 to open it up. I got through about 200 pages motzai Shabbos (in bed by 12:45) and broke it out again Sunday night, finishing at 1:45 Monday morning.

And what the... we STILL don't know the answer to my most burning question! Although I hear that there are JK Rowling interviews coming up in which more beans will be spilled. Right now, my babysitter is having her turn with the book, and I will wait until I get through my current mound of work before taking a second read.

In other news, Eris is finished, except for end-weaving, and my long-suffering DSIL finally has a sweater in progress! I'm making her a Spiral Yoke out of sage green Montera I had in my stash, and I now have one sleeve and about 5 inches of the body ( 17 sts/4 inches on size 8, if you are interested in such things.) They are coming on the 7th and staying for almost 2 weeks, so I'm hoping to have it done by the time they leave.


Cecilia said...

Please please please announce spoilers! I'm working my way up to book 7.

Israel Mom said...
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Israel Mom said...

What are your most burning questions? I really liked it - I thought a lot of stuff was wrapped up nicely.

uberimma said...

I liked it too--but we never found out what Dudley saw when the dementors came, or what the "terrible damage" was that Aunt Petunia had inflicted on him. Remember when Dumbledore was in their living room in the beginning of Book 6? Dudley looked confused, and Aunt Petunia was "oddly flushed." JKR hinted that she would explain in book 7, but no.

I'm told that more beans will be spilled in upcoming interviews/potential encyclopedia of characters.

jkberg said...

I think the terrible damage inflicted on Dudley was the fact that he was spoiled and overweight. I'm guessing, when the dementors came, he saw the results of how he treated Harry, since a comment made in book 7 indicated that Dudley has changed in his treatment of Harry.


uberimma said...

But by then he wasn't overweight--he'd become a boxer, right? And I truly don't think Aunt Petunia had any idea that he was spoiled and of anything but perfect character--by the last book, he was obviously a few steps ahead in that regard.

I do think there was something else going on.

jasmin said...

I think Dudley just was faced with his utter insignificance in the Great Scheme of Things. Or maybe I'm just influenced by Hitchhiker's Guide's relativity machine (can't remember what it was called exactly, but those who are made to endure it are faced with just that knowledge, and it usually destroys them.)

Maybe Petunia had just forced him to suffer through too much chintz upholstery... heh. Her decorating taste was rather awful.

I may get to watch the latest movie today, whoo hoo.

Israel Mom said...

The Leaky Cauldron site just posted a Q&A with JKR - and she answers the dementor question about Dudley.

Anonymous said...

Good point, though sometimes it's hard to arrive to definite conclusions