Thursday, July 05, 2007


I was so pooped by the time the kids were in bed tonight that I decided to put off Shabbos cooking till tomorrow and go to bed. Surprise! I can't sleep. This hardly ever happens to me--sleep deprivation does wonders for that--and now I'm very irritated because I was hoping to get up early tomorrow and go for a walk before everybody got up. Now it's looking unlikely. Grumble grumble.

It was One of Those Days. A lot of kvetching, a lot of wailing, a lot of fighting over toys and needing things from Imma NOW. We went on our usual pre-Shabbos shopping run and, since it was so sunny and hot today, I shmeared both kids pretty liberally with sunblock (in addition to the regulation sunhats). Somewhere between the grocery store and the produce store Barak rubbed some of it into his eyes. Tear-free, my Aunt Tillie! It hurt him so much he screamed and screamed and screamed, and I absolutely cannot remember the last time Barak screamed in public. Probably the last time he rubbed sunblock into his eyes, last summer. He lost it entirely, and of course everyone around thought he was having a tantrum, not that the poor kid was in pain, so lots of unhelpful comments. I tried to wash his eyes out with a bottle of water on the sidewalk, and it helped for all of thirty seconds. "My eyes are hurting me again! AaaaAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!" When we got home he got ice cream, purely for distraction's sake, once I'd washed his eyes out as well as I could. Then he got a popsicle. An hour later, he was telling me, "My eyes were hurting and I gotta ice cream. Then I gotta popsicle. Then I eat dinner. Then I pooped potty, get a jellybear!" A red-letter day, clearly. Red eyes too.

I should note in passing though that for the first time ever Barak had a full-blown screaming fit without pishing in his underwear. And today was the third--third!--day in a row of ending the day in the same clean dry underwear he started with in the morning. Could we be on the brink of a breakthrough? Here's hoping.

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Deborah said...

Since there is no place there I will leave a comment here about your 100 things about you. Have never seen this idea before and I love reading yours--even though many are about those boys rather than your own person. I know, life with children intertwines them with us so much--until they hit 15 or 16 and I finally realize they are not synonymous with 'me'. Just thinking out loud. Congratulations Barak!