Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I know that weather forecasting is not an exact science but really! Days and days of thunderstorm watches and flood watches, for heaven's sake, with hardly a drop of anything. Then today, after a whole day of vapid clouds, a too-close-to-bedtime trip to the grocery store with Iyyar in the stroller and Barak holding on--and one door away, the sky cracked open and all those thunderstorms happened at once, one on top of the other from the sounds of things.


And in a similar category, what on earth is with the New York Times? (Besides their Israel coverage, I mean, but I make it a policy not even to get into that because I just get too enraged and that probably isn't good for me.) They published a review of Harry Potter Book 7 today--three days before the publication date! With a glib appositive, "well the book is embargoed till Saturday but copies were available today" followed by a whole heck of a bunch of spoilers.

Why?? Would it have killed you to at least, say, publish the review ON the publication date? Oh it would have? Well, it would not have been a terribly great loss. I have a friend, one of my oldest friends in fact, who now lives in Turkey. She was saying, yes, I like the New York Times but their coverage of all things related to Turkey is misinformed and inaccurate. I said, hmm, I feel the same way about their coverage of all things related to Israel. She paused and said, it's funny, my dad, who is a biologist, thinks their science coverage is appalling, and actually his friend who does X says the same thing about...

Did you read the article about knitting they had a few days ago? The one where they mixed up knitting and crochet? You did?

Well, in mostly unrelated news, I've been knitting too--and here's a shocker, it's something for myself! And a full-size adult sweater at that! I have not made a sweater for anyone over the age of three since, umm, I have to think about this one... I think the last one I made was for my (tiny and impossibly skinny) Israeli SIL, almost two years ago now. It took me six months to finish, even though she is (see above) tiny and impossibly skinny. My current sweater, which I started, oh, I don't know, early spring sometime, is an Eris; I finished the body a while ago and did the first sleeve in one evening's marathon of knitting. I started the second sleeve last night and am looking forward to having a new sweater when it gets cold one of these days. Before that happens though I should probably knit a sweater for Barak, who put in his very first knitting request this week: "Imma, c'you make me a orange sweater please?" I had already acquired red and blue yarn for that very purpose, but no; he had his eye on a few skeins of orange Lamb's Pride. And he can have them.

The back bedroom, no longer known as the Loom Room, is still looking extremely spacious to me, although MHH commented last night that "it looks like it's always been this way." The spinning wheel is now in its own corner, the comfy chair is strategically situated next to a Flat Surface For Piling Things On, the better to encourage MHH to hang out here with me in the evenings; and the Piles of Undifferentiated Stuff that were jammed behind the loom are now transported, courtesy of MHH, to the storage space in the basement.

Okay, my allotted blogging time is two minutes past over and it's time to head back to that Annual Report I need to finish up. Tune in next time, same bat channel.


Israel Mom said...

So did you get the new Harry Potter book and finish the whole thing? Wait don't tell me - I didn't read it yet and I don't want to know ANYTHING about it til I do!

Snickollet said...

Thank you for inviting me to read your blog. I'm looking forward to going through your archives, although for now, I must do my boring, boring work.

I will be back!