Thursday, June 28, 2007

I'll take it

From one of the screamiest babies on earth, Iyyar has evolved into a baby who... just sleeps. Tonight, as per usual, I took him into his room at bedtime, nursed him, cuddled him a bit and put him in his crib with his blankie. He shoved a fistful of blankie in his mouth, started sucking it, and just... went to sleep.

Naptimes are pretty much the same. Once he starts rubbing his eyes, I just nurse him, put him down, and walk away. Usually he doesn't even cry. Yesterday, probably in recuperation from the trip, he fell asleep for a second nap at 2:30 in the afternoon. The day before he'd done the same thing and I'd finally woken him up at 5; yesterday I figured he probably needed it and just let him sleep. He slept through till quarter to 4 in the morning, nursed, and went back to sleep till almost 6.

It's odd. I'm not complaining, obviously; I'm incredibly grateful. Especially when I remember what the first six months were like: a blur of screaming, fitful bursts of sleep, more screaming, waking up Barak, who would then scream a bit himself, and... yeah. That. It was pretty bad. But tonight, as of five minutes past bedtime, it was all just quiet.

Iyyar is being incredibly funny lately. He's started saying "hi," which is really the only word he says that anyone who doesn't live with him would immediately understand. He also says Barak's name, sort of. But he imitates everything. If I put something on my head, he wants to put it on his head; today I was making funny faces at him, putting my head down and squinting up at him through my eyebrows, and he did the same thing. Oh, and he'll still eat just about anything. Tonight I put peas and grated mozzarella on his high chair tray, and he ate it with great lip-smacking. So far as I know there's only one thing he doesn't like, and that's sharp cheddar cheese. He spits it out. Go figure.

Barak's talking is also pretty entertaining. My favorite is when I ask him to do something and he heads off, all serious-like, on his Mission for Imma. Barak, can you go get me my pink bag please? Barak furrows his brows, says, "Umm, yeah, sure," very importantly, and runs off.

This morning I was putting a new box of cereal on top of the refrigerator, and should have taken the time to rearrange all the boxes but didn't. It was a little precarious, and Barak noticed. "No, Imma! You can't do that! It's gonna fall. It's gonna fall on right there," pointing at the counter below. He was right. I fixed the cereal boxes. "How about that? Is that better?" He studied my efforts and found them good. "Yeah. Thass okay."

What's not okay, though, is his hearing. The tubes in his ears are either clogged or they've fallen out; his hearing isn't quite as bad as it was pre-tubes, but almost. I'm not sure what to do about it. I most emphatically do not want to do tubes again; I'm not putting him through that (surgery followed by six weeks of night terrors) for eight weeks of better hearing. Plus as I think I've mentioned I really don't like the doctor who did it. I'm thinking I'll take him back to his pediatrician and see if he has any other ideas. Do you?


LeahChaya said...

So far as I know there's only one thing he doesn't like, and that's sharp cheddar cheese. He spits it out. Go figure.

and here I am, still trying to figure out if there's any possible way to find chalav yisroel sharp cheddar. . . the things kids don't appreciate . . . (grin)

miriam said...

Okay, you totally don't want to hear this, but play with his diet. If there is something he's allergic to that's clogging his ears, you really should know about it.

For me dairy was the key to my constant ear infections/clogged ears and the speech problems due to hearing loss due to those clogged ears.

Didn't actually figure that out until adulthood, though, but at 5 I started school, and not being home during the day led to a sharp decrease in my dairy intake (parve lunches packed better, I guess: I lived on peanut butter and honey sandwiches for years and years) and suddenly my ears weren't so clogged, I could hear, and my speech cleared up within months.

I've heard cassettes of me at 4... I had no double consonants at all! "tee" = tree, "pay"= play, "top" = stop. (I was talking about the buttons on the tape recorder, and saying how it was "the tee's birsday." It was Tu B'Shvat)